If my application / plug-in works in ATAK, will it work with WinTAK?

No, both the applications run on different Operating Systems and use different computer languages. However, after writing an application or plug-in for one application, porting it over to the second should not be a problem.

 Are they any plans to make ATAK open source and available to the public?

There are plans in the works to release a demilitarized version of ATAK. This is currently not available but should be available soon. We envision this tool to be used by other various agencies such as law enforcement to take advantage of both mapping engines.

 How to a get access?

Register here, it may take a day or two to verify access.

 How do I contact you?

Please see our contact us form.

 Can I use ATAK or WinTAK as a map engine for my project?

As long as you have a government sponsor, you can have access to the source repository.

 Is there an Apple version?

Not yet...

 Oh no! I installed lollipop and I can't download files from your site anymore!

Here at we use the latest and most secure in encryption technologies. Apparently there is a bug in the latest Android OS that does not accept file downloads from servers using these SSL policies. The current workaround is to long press the link for the file you want and select save link. If this still doesn't give you access to the file you want please contact us and we will arrange to send you the file directly.

 Is ATAKMAP the official location to get a copy of ATAK?

NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! If you are a Federal employee or contractor: All of the applications, documentation, and supplemental material on this web site is for research, test and evaluation only. You should get the official software and associated hardware through your agency's associated Program of Record (e.g. SOMPE is SOCOM's Program of Record for ATAK, and NAVAIR is CST/National Guard handles Program of Record.

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